Pre Construction

For starters, effective lines of communication are established with project owners and our design teams. Consequently, our expert team determines the level of preconstruction services desired on a bespoke project basis. Our involvement can be as plain as compiling a qualified subcontractor, supplier list or as intricate as managing all aspects of preconstruction. Whatever the level of indulgence, individual projects are accorded the time share and attention that define successful planning

Design + Build

On signing up with Prism Construction, clients benefit from having a single point of reference from project inception to completion. This approach goes a long way in trimming the overall project schedule by overlapping the project's design and construction phases. Our highly collaborative process optimizes the team approach. Issues are resolved quickly within the design-build team. While this delivery method is often the most complex to manage for many a contractor; Prism Construction's experienced project managers and field supervisors make design-build an effective and highly successful option

General Construction

Prism Construction's experienced team boasts of the expertise, commitment, and organizational skills required to make this traditional delivery method an astounding success. Besides hiring specialized subcontractors for unique duties as a general contractor; we take on the mantle as relates to material, labor, equipment, plus auxiliary services.

Road Construction

For more than a quarter of a decade Prism Construction has been a key partner in meeting the region's insatiable demand for improved infrastructure. With integrated resources and formidable team of experts the client is guaranteed attainment of project goals Prism remains safety oriented, financially sound, highly motivated, professionally managed and strategically positioned. We execute all phases of road construction to include, but not limited to: earth work, utilities, drainage, concrete and asphalt paving, bridge construction, as well as aggregate production and manufacture of asphalt pavement

Project & Construction Management

Prism provides a double pronged approach: Construction Manager as Agent and Construction Manager as Contractor. For larger, complex projects, we deploy the CMa delivery method; effectively placing construction managers to draft agreements between owners and trade contractors, acting as consultants or "agent" of the owner. The construction manager coordinates onsite work, ensuring timely completion whilst enforcing stipulated safety and quality control standards.